Hungbu and Nolbu


Long, long ago, there were two brothers. The older brother was called Nolbu, and the younger brother was called Hungbu. The older brother, despite being very rich, was an extremely greedy and vindictive man. On the other hand, his brother was poor, but very kind-hearted.


One day, just after Hungbu had returned from work, he found the young injured swallow. Seeing this, Hungbu quickly brought some ointment and rubbed it on the swallow's wounded leg. Then, he carefully wrapped some string around it to give it some support. Next, he carefully placed the young swallow back in the nest.


In due course, the day came for the swallows to fly south. Then the swallow dropped a gourd seed on the ground. Thinking that this was strange, Hungbu picked up the seed and planted it in the garden. The plant began to grow at a great rate. It pushed forth leaves and flowers, and eventually it bore large gourds.


Hungbu and his wife cut them open. The grounds are filled with food and treasures. After that, Hungbu became a man of wealth. He and his family lived happily and wanted for nothing. 


However, when his elder brother Nolbu heard the news, he hinks he can do the same thing, so he breaks a swallow’s leg in order to fix it. Just like his borther’s swallow, this one flew away in winter and returns in the spring with a gourd seed. When the gourds grew, Nolbu wasted no time cutting one open.


 However, out came a batch of little imps wielding sticks. “We must punish you for your greed,” they said and beat him mercilessly and took everything and left. And out of which pours dirty, smelly water, flooding the house.


Nolbu is desperate and runs to his brother’s house. Hungbo, taking pity on his brother greets him warmly. Nolbu reflects on what a horrible person he had been, feels sorry, and changes his ways. Then Hungbo splits his fortune equally with Nolbu and they both live happily ever after.